When you buy or lease a new car, you may wonder if you need to have a dealership service to keep your new car warranty. Spending money on a car service may not be one of the most exciting ways to spend your money, but it is surely one of the most important. As well as maintaining your car’s health and reliability, your car needs to have an up-to-date service to maintain its new car warranty, but does that need to be a dealership service? 

Where Can I Take My Car to Get Serviced? 

It simply isn’t true that you need to get your new car serviced at the dealership you bought it from. You can choose a local garage as long as the garage you choose uses approved parts and lubricants in any repairs, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 
However, a servicing schedule for your vehicles must be followed. So, if you choose an independent garage, make sure you have your service book stamped or your digital log book updated. Keep records of any work you have had done and ensure that approved parts and lubricants are used. This will protect you if the vehicle manufacturer says that the service used incorrect parts. 

How Often Does My Car Need Servicing? 

When you’re thinking about service intervals, it’s important that you follow the manufacturer guidelines. Normally, a car should be serviced once a year or approximately every 12,000 miles with approved parts. Some vehicles have a self-diagnostic system which tells you when your car is ready for a service. If you’re unsure of your servicing schedule, you should be able to find details in the documentation provided with the car, or you can contact the manufacturer. Don’t ignore any warning lights even if your car hasn’t completed 12,000 miles or it’s not been 12 months since the last service. However, you can’t be forced to use a dealership service. 

European Block Exemption legislation 

Under the European Block Exemption legislation, car manufacturers can’t void your new car warranty if you don’t take it to a franchised dealership. However, you must ensure that the repair centre uses genuine parts and that they make a note of the work they’ve done, the changes they’ve made and even the type and grade of oil they’ve put in the car. 

What Does a Full Car Service Include? 

You may be wondering what does a full car service include? A car service covers changing engine oil and filters and visual inspections of steering alignments, operation of brakes and much more. Depending on your car's age, condition and mileage, it can also include changing spark plugs, antifreeze and brake fluid. 

Car Service Near Me 

Do you need to get your car serviced? If so, the team at Barrett Lee can help. We can service all types of car and provide you with the most competitive prices around rather than using a premium-cost franchised dealership service. Visit our dedicated page today or give us a call directly on 01787 540 001
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