Mercedes Service in Sudbury 

We provide a thorough Mercedes service in Sudbury to guarantee you feel 100% safe when using the roads. Services aren’t mandatory in the same way an MOT is, but they are just as important – if not more so. They will ensure your Mercedes remains fully maintained which can increase the overall lifespan. Areas checked during a service include brakes, steering & suspension, AC and tyres
We can also provide more specialised Mercedes repairs in Sudbury and for all VAG Group vehicles including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Seat. So, you can feel comfortable knowing that there is a team of local technicians ready to assist with your Mercedes maintenance work. 
We offer all types of Mercedes services in Sudbury from A – H and ensure that your digital online record is updated. We encourage all drivers to keep a full service history on their digital online record as it provides important information and details about your vehicle. We recommend that you have a Mercedes full service in line with the recommendation set by the manufacturer. 

Barrett-Lee has the experience and expertise to care and maintain top quality marque vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz to the very highest standards. 

Mercedes MOT in Sudbury 

We provide an affordable Mercedes MOT in Sudbury. All MOTs are completed by DVSA trained approved vehicle technicians. We will check all areas required by law including steering & suspension, windscreen and brakes. Please contact us if you need any information about what is checked during an MOT. If your vehicle fails its MOT, we can help you get the Mercedes repairs required to get your car legally back on the road. If you do require repair work after your MOT we are happy to help. Many drivers book their service just before their MOT to guarantee no surprises when the MOT occurs. This is a great way to organise your vehicle check up and can help you save time! 
Book in your MERCEDES - BENZ for a service here... 
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