Car Servicing in Sudbury 

Barett-Lee provide professional car servicing in Sudbury. This includes full services inline with manufacturers recommendations as well as interim services where required. The benefits of servicing your car when required include increased fuel-efficiency, better handling, improved braking and a healthy engine. Neglecting to service your car can result in minor problems becoming major issues. Our car servicing in Sudbury will ensure your car continues to drive smoothly. We will fully inspect areas that are prone to having issues and use specialist tools and equipment to fully inspect your vehicle.  
You should aim to service your car annually where required, or within manufacturer guidelines which is typically between 10,000 - 12,000 miles. Services will include oil changes, oil filter change and a visual inspection. Full details of what was inspected / changed will be provided after the service is complete. All service records will also be added to your digital log book to demonstrate that you have maintained your vehicle. This is essential and can make it much easier for you to sell your car in the future.  

Car Service in Sudbury 

To keep your car working at its optimum level of performance you should ensure you service your car inline with manufacturer recommendations. We provide trusted car servicing in Sudbury and guarantee to help resolve any issues that go unrecognised without specialist tools and expertise. A car service will catch any issues your car may have before the become a real problem in the future.  
A car service is not the same as an MOT. An MOT is a legal requirement (unless your car is new and does not require an MOT. A service will highlight any issues that need resolving to keep you and your car on the road without the add stress of being unsure if there are any issues you may not have known about. At Barrett-Lee, we offer all types of car servicing for leading brands including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mazda, Land Rover and more. 
We offer tailored servicing plans for your car to ensure you get the very best service available for your cars unique requirements. In some cases, your car may require repairs that are identified during the service. Our qualified team provide leading car service in Sudbury so you can be assured that your car is in expert hands.  
Book in your vehicle for a service in Sudbury with Barrett-Lee by calling 01787 370774 or using the contact form below: 

Exterior Checks 

Front / rear registration plate (class V, N/A) 
Front lamps, including indicators. 
Headlamps and headlamp aim. 
Mirrors, front & rear shock absorbers. 
Front / rear wheels, tyres. 
Rear lights, rear fogs, number plate lamps. 
Number plate, stop lamps. 
Fuel tank cap, Indicators, hazard lamps. 
Rear doors & boot lid. 
Wiper blades. 
General condition of vehicle 

Interior Checks 

Front / rear seat belts, seat security. 
Rear fog tell tales, ABS warning light. 
Switches (position lamp, headlamp). 
Indicator, hazard switches. 
View to front, wipers & washers 
Brake pedal, servo operation. 
Handbrake, steering wheel & column. 
Front doors, mirrors, horn 

Under Vehicle Inspection 

Steering including power steering. 
Drive shafts (if applicable). 
Front suspension, shock absorbers. 
Front & rear wheel bearings. 
Wheels and tyres. 
Service brake control. 
Mechanical brake components. 
Parking brake system, exhaust system. 
Fuel tank & fuel system. 
Rear suspension including shock absorbers. 
Structure, general vehicle condition 

Under Bonner Inspection 

Vehicle structure. 
Braking systems. 
Exhaust system. 
Fuel system. 
Steering & suspension. 
Power steering components 
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