When you buy or lease a new car, you may wonder if you need to have a dealership service to keep your new car warranty. Spending money on a car service may not be one of the most exciting ways to spend your money, but it is surely one of the most important. As well as maintaining your car’s health and reliability, your car needs to have an up-to-date service to maintain its new car warranty, but does that need to be a dealership service? 
Changing a car battery is an expected, and frustrating, part of owning a vehicle. Although modern car batteries last for a long time, at some point you will inevitably need to change your vehicle’s battery. Thankfully, there are a number of telltale signs that indicate a battery’s declining health. There is little worse than jumping in your car in the morning before work and realising the battery is dead. By keeping an eye on the signs mentioned below, you can replace your battery before it is too late. 
A car air filter is often overlooked, but is instrumental in your car running optimally. If you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of your vehicle, you may not know an awful lot about this feature. Moreover, you may not know when it needs to be replaced and how often you should look to do so. Today we are taking an in depth look at the car air filter: explaining what their role is and offering a guide to car air filter replacement. 
At Barrett Lee, we are often asked by customers ‘’can a car tyre be repaired?’’. There are a few things mechanics will look for when judging if a tyre meets the requirements for repair. Essentially, your tyre’s puncture may be able to be repaired if the damage is not too great and the puncture is in a certain location. Today we are going to delve deeper into the requirements for puncture repair, and offer a definitive answer for any one wondering ‘’can a car tyre be repaired?’’. 
Removing windscreen wipers and changing the blades every once in a while is hugely important. Often overlooked, this process is fundamental to your vehicle's safety as well as your own. Continue reading to understand why routinely removing windscreen wipers and changing them is significant.  
Modern cars are expertly designed and made. They adhere to high safety standards which aim to keep you, as well as those around you, safe. There are, however, instances where cars fail. Sometimes this is through no fault of the owner, but often breakdowns can be avoided. Moreover, features that are likely to cause a breakdown can, most of the time, be identified. 
If you are a vehicle owner, you will undoubtedly be familiar with MOT testing. If you are not, the MOT test is an annual examination of your vehicle by an accredited MOT tester. During this test, the mechanic will test the safety of your vehicle and its overall roadworthiness. If your vehicle fails its MOT test, this can be an extremely frustrating and costly experience. Today we are going to outline some common MOT fails. Additionally, we are going to advise you on how to avoid them. 
Here at Barrett Lee, we are constantly contacted by people asking the same question: ‘’why won’t my car start?’’. Although we will always try our best to provide a solution, it is sometimes hard to diagnose the cause of the problem. This is because there are a vast number of reasons why your car won’t start, and you could be experiencing any one of a number of common problems. 
Driving during the winter months can be a challenge with difficult driving conditions and the colder weather putting additional stress on your car. Plummeting temperatures and bad weather increase the number of breakdowns throughout the winter months. There are some precautions you can take, so read through our checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything and find out what you need for your winter car check.n this text to edit it. 
Tyres often get overlooked when it comes to car checks and safety, however, many people often forget that tyres are the one part of the car that is always touching the road and is a key component of keeping you safe while on your travels. However, not everyone is familiar with how to check their tyres, or what condition your tyres should be in. As such, in this article, we’ll go over some tyre basics and how to check on your car tyre tread depth to ensure they are road safe! 
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