Car Air Conditioning Repair in Sudbury, Suffolk 

Car air conditioning specialists are in high demand, with air conditioning being fitted as standard in most modern vehicles. Although most new cars are extremely reliable and durable, there are times when they fail. If you find yourself with broken car air conditioning, you will need to enlist the help of an expert that has experience in diagnostics servicing and repairs. This is where we can help. 
The team at Barrett-Lee can regas and repair car air conditioning in Sudbury at affordable prices. We can accommodate most leading car manufacturers including VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. 

Car Air Con Servicing in Sudbury, Suffolk 

A car air conditioning system contains a compressor which pumps refrigerant gas around a network of fine tubes. This is how you are supplied with your air conditioning. Sometimes, the system needs to be regased in order to work optimally. We can work with air conditioning systems that require either R134a or the newer, more environmentally friendly R1234YF refrigerant. 
As a general rule, car air conditioning should be serviced every 24 months (minimum) meaning you should ensure your vehicle is checked regularly. Air conditioning is usually checked during the service, so in most cases you are covered. However, car air conditioning systems, like any vehicle part, are susceptible to wear, tear and failure. Should you find yourself in this situation, you will require a vehicle air conditioning repair expert you can trust. 
If you’re looking for diagnostics or recharging for vehicle air conditioning in Sudbury, Barrett-Lee are here to help. 

Van Air Conditioning in Sudbury 

As well as providing a car air conditioning regassing service, we can also repair van air conditioning in Sudbury. The primary use of air conditioning is to provide a cool environment in the interior of the vehicle. It is also good for demisting the vehicle. This is very important for many van workers, especially those who start work early in the morning during the winter. Working on systems built by the majority of modern car manufacturers, we are confident we can provide a van air conditioning solution for you. 
Whether it is a recharge, a rebug or general inspection you require, the team at Barrett-Lee can accommodate you. For more information on any of our services including van air conditioning in Sudbury, contact us here. 
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