No matter what sort of tyre you want we can supply it. Whether you have a preferred brand name or require modern ‘run flat’ tyres. You may want an economy tyre to fit a strict budget. Whatever you need, just contact us for a great quote.


Tyres & Fuel Consumption

On average, 20% of a car’s fuel consumption (or one tank in five) is consumed by ‘rolling resistance’. That’s right, tyres are responsible for 20% of a car’s fuel consumption. You only need to feel how hot tyres get on a fast trip to prove this. Low rolling resistance tyres can mitigate much of this loss especially when an economical style of driving is practised:

  • Drive at a constant speed, avoiding rapid stops and starts. Anticipate events and other road users actions to maintain a constant speed as much as possible
  • Change gears between 2,000 to 2,500 RPM in order to keep optimal engine speeds
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly as under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption. Don’t over inflate tyres to lower resistance as they will wear unevenly and skid easily in poor conditions

Types of tyres

  • Energy Saving
  • Sports Utility
  • Camper Vans
  • 4X4 Sports
  • Performance Sports
  • Sport
  • HP Sport
  • Low Profile
  • HP Low Profile


Barrett-Lee can offer the right battery for your vehicle at some of the best battery prices around. Please contact us for the right battery at the right price.


Exhaust systems & Catalytic Convertors

At Barrett-Lee we supply and fit almost every type of exhaust system. We will always advise you if only a specific section is needed to perform a satisfactory repair.

This is especially important where catalytic converters are concerned as the platinum content makes them very expensive to manufacture.

Get in touch if you need advice regarding replacing or repairing your exhaust system or catalytic convertor.