Rodents the scourge of luxury cars

Published on: 06/06/16 10:52:am

When protecting your cherished luxury car, rodents are probably the last thing you worry about.

A little known fact is that rodents love luxury cars probably as much as you do. However, the difference between you and the rodent is that the rodent is deadest on causing your cherished vehicle as much damage as it possibly can.

Is my car really at such risk from a mere rat, rabbit, squirrel or even mice? You bet your life it is.

Each year we deal several cases of luxury cars such Jaguars, Audis and BMWs which have been left with hundreds, if not thousands of pounds worth of damage. The problem, you see, is that those loveable little rodents just love a cosy, warm engine.

The rodents climb into the engine and often chew of wires, cable and plastics leaving serious damage in their wake. To make matters worse the rodents just love the soy-based compound used to coast electrical wiring in many luxury motors.

If you have a dashboard light coming on and you just can’t figure out why, it could be a rodent has gnawed on wires, it is certainly worth checking.

To be brutally honest there is little you can do to prevent rodents from damaging you car but there are some precautions you can take to limit the risks.

Firstly, whenever possible store your car in a garage, as at least the rodent will face the challenge of getting into your garage before it can get into your vehicle. Also try to place items around the engine to make access even more difficult. If storing a car in your garage do not store pet food in the same garage as they will attract rodents like never before and we all like to find a comfortable place to snooze after a good meal.

Another way to help keep the rodents at bay is to regularly, as much as every week, check your engine for tell-tale signs of a nest; look out for droppings and leaves or twigs. Bringing your car to us for a regular service will also help as we will immediately pick up on signs of rodent interference, hopefully before too much damage is done.

Finally, if you are one of the unfortunate drivers that has been besieged by these little pests, be sure to get your vehicle to us for service right away to prevent any further problems. For an appoint call 01787 370774
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