Is your vehicle ready for the challenge of winter

Published on: 11/16/16 07:27:pm

With our summer holidays now being a distant memory it is becoming time to wrap up warm as the temperatures start to rapidly drop.

There is no denying the winter is moving in fast now and the time has come to start preparing your car for the harsher conditions.

Making the right preparations now - maybe something as simple as putting in a new battery to ensure it can cope with the extra pressure about to come its way - will save lots of potential aggravation further down the line.

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider:

  • Check your fluids (brake, oil, transmission) which you may have neglected over the summer months
  • Take a good look at your brakes, as the chances are they are going to be needed during the wet and icy conditions
  • Ensure all your lights and bulbs are functioning as you will be using them more often from now on
  • Tyres, this is a must do. Balding tyres are a major hazard in the cold and wet. It is worth considering changing to winter tyres to maximise your safety
  • It is also excellent advice to make sure you stock your car with essential and useful items in case you break down, the last thing you want in sub-zero temperatures. Items should include an ice scraper, a coat, water proof gloves, a blanket, a flashlight, maybe even a flare and some energy bars and jump leads.

Barrett-Lee Garage is happy to provide further advice of preparing your car for winter, just telephone 01787 370774 or pop into its repair centre at Unit 4, Byford Road, Sudbury, Suffolk.