​Service Plans – are they really worth it?

Published on: 07/07/17 02:18:pm

These days it is common for manufacturers to offer service plans on new vehicles. Many buyers will be tempted by purchasing several services up front as part of one package, but do they really ever represent good value for money?

There are many reasons why independent garages still offer the best option for servicing your vehicle.

Without doubt the main reason to use an independent garage to service your vehicle is the benefit of lower prices. Services at non-franchised garages will always be cheaper, primarily because labour costs are usually 30-50 per cent less expensive. Local garages are allowed to carry out the main servicing without invalidating the warranty.

As long as the independent garage is a licensed business they can carry out the work to the manufacturer’s standard or in some cases a higher standard.

To sum up; it’s best just to shop around for the best prices at a reputable independent garage. Indeed, some specialist repairers are more expertly informed about your vehicle than a main garage. The standard of work will be just as high, your warranty won’t be harmed, and most of all you’ll save money.

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