​Holiday time - is your vehicle ready for the journey

Published on: 07/04/16 11:21:am

Holiday time – is your vehicle ready for the journey

By Simon Barrett – Managing Director of Barrett Lee, June 2016

With the holiday season now upon us many of you will be preparing for your longest drive of the year.

When embarking on your annual holiday it is likely many of you will be travelling a significant number of miles and perhaps even abroad. With so much to plan it is quite common for people to forget to check if their vehicle is up for the journey.

To make life a little easier for you when preparing for your summer break we have compiled a pre-holiday check list for your vehicle. There are a number of essential checks you should make before embarking on a long holiday drive, including:

Tyres – please always remember to check the tread and pressure of your tyre. A good tread and a correct pressure level will make you safe and legal and will also make your journey more economic.

Engine oil level– remember to check it on the flat with the engine cold

Radiator coolant level– never check when the engine is hot and never put cold water into a hot radiator

Screenwash levels– use a good quality screenwash to help remove all those summer bugs from your windscreen

Ideally, we would suggest you try and tie in your annual service to coincide with your holiday. If that is not possible it is advisable to visit your local garage for basic checks on your brakes, exhaust, drive belts,fluid levels and your power steering. Although this may add a little extra cost to your holiday it will ensure your vehicle it up for the journey and that you will be travelling as safely as possible.

I hope you have found this article useful and that you all have a fabulous holiday.