Classic cars - they don't look after themselves you know

Published on: 06/03/16 03:31:pm

Owners of classic cars have a real challenge on their hands when it comes to caring and maintaining such venerable vehicles.

Having a classic car can in many ways be compared to owning a dog; it needs regular care, love and affection. Caring for classic cars can sometimes feel like a full-time job, but if you know what you are doing (and with 80 years of experience caring for such vehicles we at Barrett-Lee certainly do) the job can be made a little easier.

Due to our kind nature here at Barrett-Lee, we like to share, so here are some good tips to help you care for your much loved classic cars.

Firstly, there is little worse for your vehicle than letting it sit idle for long periods. So are advice is to start it up regularly and ideally to take it for a drive at least once a fortnight. Doing this will help prevent problem such as the brakes and clutch sticking.

Damp is another enemy of the classic car, so storage is very important. Try to store your vehicle is an area as damp free as possible to metal becoming corroded.

If you have to leave your car for long periods without starting it, it is advisable to either disconnect your battery or purchase a trickle charger. This will prevent your battery going flat or needing the dreaded jump start.

Wherever possible keep the handbrake off. Cable can seize up on older cars and fail to release.

You really must have the car checked and serviced every year. Even if the vehicle is MOT exempt oil will need changing and the brakes, steering and suspension all need to be maintained.

Always use a specialist dealer to service and maintain your classic car. As Garry Shortt said in his 2013 article for The Telegraph “Having a specialist service stamp in the service book is very important for the car’s history and will make it much more attractive if you decide to sell it in the future.”

Of course here at Barrett-Lee we have the expertise to provide a full classic car maintenance service so please feel free to drop in anytime for some friendly and knowledgeable advice.